Questioning the Questioner – Part 1

As many who’ve followed me from “Why I No Longer Believe” to here at the No Faith Zone will know, I have two primary purposes for maintaining this blog and indulging in discussion.

1.) I still have a need to vent and air out my thoughts on the faith and the impact it had on my life.

2.) I crave dialogue on the matter between reasonable people, whether in agreement or not.

My wife would probably rephrase #2 as, “I’m an argumentative bastard who craves confrontation.” She may be right.

Regardless, a number of months ago I shared a tightly distilled version of my (overlong) deconversion with A Tippling Philosopher, a page at Patheos written by Jonathan MS Pearce, whose writing I quite enjoy.

When it was first published in December, there were a few comments and that was it. But just a few days ago Johno sent me an IM while I was on my way to several days of travel to Baja on business. A Catholic blogger on Patheos, Dave Armstrong, published a rebuttal of my deconverstion story. Continue reading