A First Time for Everything…

Well, I’d hoped to have this site launched by January 1st, but an unexpected death in the family, and especially dealing with the estate in the aftermath, pushed a lot of that back.

In the meantime I dithered about with Filmora to try and learn some rudimentary editing skills. So here is the first installment of the No Faith Zone. There is still a lot to learn, from working on sound levels, smoother transitions (esp. with sound) and learning to speak more coherently when recording my lead-ins :p

My little cadre of regulars might remember my trip to speak to a Western Seminary class in October of 2015. Late last year the pastor called and invited me to do so again, which I did this past Wednesday.

One of my laments last time was that I didn’t make arrangement to take video of the session. I didn’t repeat that mistake. The video above is the full session, unedited. That means it’s long, clocking in at around 1 hour 50 minutes. I’ve also edited a version with the Q&A session only (about an hour long) for those of you who have been around a bit and have heard more of my story than is good for you.

So I look forward to your comments, as well as suggestions for improving the video format. I intend to follow up with a regular schedule of Skype conversations and interviews that I hope will be as interesting for you as they are for me.

Thanks, and off we go!

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